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Past residents


Omar Musa – writer, poet, musician and artist
Koji Makino – photographer
Kurt Sorensen – photographer


Fiona Lowry – artist
Dan Kyle – artist
Annalisa Ferraris – artist
Rapaport – musician
Aaron Fell-Fracasso – artist
Matt Bromhead – artist and sculptor
Sophia Whitney Hewson – artist
Mignon Steele – artist
April Phillips – artist and multimedia


Marisa Purcell – artist
Max Lyandvert – music composer
Camie Lyons – artist and sculptor
Horrorshow – musicians
Julian Meagher – artist
Kirli Saunders – writer and poet
Sally Anderson – artist
Guy Maestri – artist and sculptor


Bruce Pascoe – writer, poet and researcher
Gina Kalabishis – artist
John Bokor – artist
Belle Bassin, Joelistics, Ev Lorden and Lola Paulova – multidisciplinary artists


Luke Sciberras – artist
Bronte Leighton-Dore – artist
Holly Greenwood – artist


Luke Player – artist, illustrator, graphic designer 
Vari McKechnie – writer and graphic designer

Upcoming residents
Zak Tilley - artist
Alex Kelly - independent filmmaker and producer

"The residency and environment, with all its awe and wonder, is a total visual pleasure to soak up.  I was completely mesmerised by its shimmering natural pastel hues and vibrant greens, ancient weathered forms and glorious magical light.
Leaving the residency resonated so deeply, providing reflection and solitude that has led to a great deal of positive energy and excitement.
Gang Gang Residencies granted me the courage to reassess the vision for my work and to embrace new sensations, aesthetics and ideas with freshness and vitality.

I cannot convey enough the profound and lasting effect this transformative experience has left me, the fondest of memories, it was a truly enriching experience thanks to Fred and Jess and the Gang Gang Residency they created."

- Gina Kalabishis, artist

Learn more about our residency program.

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