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Mission Statement


Gang Gang Residencies is a process-oriented residency that cultivates an environment where artists and environmental scientists can craft their experience as they wish; whether that may be through conceptual development, research, or intervention and experimentation.

​Artists and environmental researchers and practitioners have the utmost freedom while in residence at the Beach House, Umbi Gumbi. The residency’s structure is therefore left open in order to cater to individuality and spontaneity. We work to provide a safe space where all art forms, intellectual and creative pursuits, methods of artistic investigation, and aesthetic inquiry are accepted, nurtured, and celebrated.

As a remote residency located in a unique, stunning, and challenging environment, Gang Gang encourages artists to draw inspiration from place, and take advantage of the solitude (and presence) our surrounding environment provides.

Gang Gang allows all artists to enter into an immersive space so that the artistic process can develop and thrive. Beyond our studio walls, Gang Gang aims to provide opportunities for urban and regional exchanges.

We encourage and welcome community engagement and we place emphasis on collaboration of all kinds. We encourage artists of all métiers, both emerging and professional, to join us at Gang Gang with a sense of curiosity and drive to connect with this special place as part of a personal experience and artistic development.


The details

  • Objectives
    To support working artists, creatives and researchers to accomplish a professional goal. To foster greater links between urban and regional arts and science communities. To provide artists and creatives with an opportunity to reflect and develop their own practice. To invest in individuals at the forefront of their practice. To support a diverse range of artistic practices and help contribute to a wider range of voices being heard in the creative community.
  • Who can apply?
    Individual artists and creative professionals working in any discipline can apply. Collaborations between artists are encouraged. As the residency is situated on a Wildlife Refuge, we also offer residencies to researchers and practitioners working on environmental conservation issues. Both Australian and international individuals will be considered; however, it should be noted that this residency does not include airfares or any other expenses. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and researchers are encouraged to apply.
  • What is it?
    We provide free accommodation in our house and studio on a unique property – a cooperative with four individual houses – on Yuin Country (Cuttagee, NSW, Australia). Residencies can be anywhere between 2-6 weeks long. Residencies are not necessarily output based – guests are free to use their time to reflect, plan, research or to develop new bodies of work.
  • What is offered?
    - Exclusive access to the Beach House on the property ‘Umbi Gumbi’ for the duration of the residency (2-6 weeks) - Separate working studio - Laundry facilities - Bedding and towels - Internet and other utilities - Travel and food are not included
  • Partners + families
    This residency is family friendly. Guests can come with their family and support people. The house can accommodate small groups and we encourage collaborative projects.
  • Property guidelines
    Gang Gang Residencies at the Beach House is located on the Umbi Gumbi cooperative. As the property is shared with three other families, we ask that you do not host any parties or events. If you have additional guests visiting or staying overnight, we ask that you let us know ahead of time. We ask that you do not bring domestic pets, as Gang Gang Residencies is located on a Nature Reserve. We encourage you to enjoy watching the animals and birds in their natural habitat, but please don’t interfere with them by getting too close or by trying to feed them. We ask that guests refrain from smoking indoors.
  • What to bring...
    All your own materials associated with your practice. Meals or groceries. The accommodation includes access to a self-catering, equipped kitchen and BBQ.
  • How to apply
    Application opening and closing dates will be announced here and via our mailing list and social media pages. While applications are open there will be a separate link to follow to submit your information. Upon completion you will receive automatic confirmation. We will endeavour to respond to all applications to notify them of their status, but depending on the number of applications received, this may not always be possible, in which case only the successful applications will be contacted in return. Not being selected for a residency does not exclude you from reapplying the following year.
  • Assessment criteria
    In selecting successful applicants, we will take into account: merit of the proposal; mix of emerging and established artists; spread of different artforms; and geographical and cultural diversity. We look favourably at collaborations between two or more artists. Guidelines used to judge applications include: Is the proposed project clear? How interesting/exciting/inventive is the proposal? How does this proposal demonstrate artistic or career progression? What is the quality of work previously produced? Is there evidence of artistic or creative challenge/risk? What is the context of this project in the artist’s career? How will this particular residency opportunity build the artist’s career? For environmental stays, does the project contribute to investigating the local area and recording the ecological value of the surroundings? Our environmental stays are focused on landscape conservation and capturing the wildlife and biodiversity of the surroundings. We are looking for: Expertise in documenting biodiversity and ecological values Projects which include studies of the local area, including written studies or through photography and multi-media. Projects which include suggestions for conservation of the local area. Masters or PhD students completing research into environmental conservation. Academics or researchers employed full-time or part-time by environmental conservation agencies, to continue/complete writing up of conservation research for publication or further dissemination. We are open to new ideas. If your project does not fit neatly within the criteria above please reach out to us to explore further.
  • Still got questions?
    Email us at

"I enjoyed a two-week residency in November 2019. This period of nature immersion and relaxation provided an excellent opportunity to conceive a new body of work through some exploratory studies, but also to centre myself a bit and stop rushing around for a little while. Much gratitude to Fred and Jess for their generosity in establishing this wonderful residency program.”

- Mignon Steele, artist

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